EMACS CHEATSHEET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ##Author: Mauricio Esguerra ##Date: May, 2012 ##Update: Jan, 2015 1. Basic Commands C-x C-f Find and open file C-x C-s Save file C-x C-w Write rendered contents to text file C-x C-c Quit emacs 2. Miscellaneous C-x h Select all. M-x indent-region Indent whole area. C-x 2 Split windows vertically C-x 3 Split windows horizontally C-x o Select another window C-x + Balance windows C-x k Kill buffer C-x b Switch buffer M-x tabbar-mode M-x html-mode Changes the syntax highlighting mode to the type you want, in this case html. Other common modes are, latex-mode, java-mode, python-mode, php-mode, c-mode, sql-mode. M-x line-number-mode Enable or disable the line number mode. M-x column-number-mode Enable or disable the column number mode. M-x ediff Activates the diff command inside emacs. If you want to switch the display from "top/bottom" to "left/right" use the pipe command (|) M-h Select a paragraph into region selection M-x ispell-region Use ispell on the selected region. For example, with M-h you select a paragraph and then you can use this Meta to ispell. M-x eww Use the emacs web browser LINKS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emacs Commands List http://lpn.rnbhq.org/tools/xemacs/emacs_ref.html Another useful list of emacs keys http://www.math.uh.edu/~bgb/emacs_keys.html This Norwegian kid has a great youtube chanel called emacs Rocks https://github.com/magnars/.emacs.d